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Writing I Do and How I Work

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My Investigative and Hard News Specialties

Like most other journalists of my experience and accomplishments, I specialize in investigating and writing about the subjects I find most compelling. In that way, I can be helpful to readers trying to navigate their realities in those areas.

I also prefer to write about those areas borne of personal experience. Those are the spaces where I, my family, my people groups who are forced into marginalization and our friends and allies have a stake, too. I can most effectively add to the universe or marketplace of ideas by participating ethically and honestly in those places where I represent the people full share the same realities.

However, I don’t allow my physical appearance determine what and how I’ll write what I do. I have the intellect and interest to write outside those areas where others think I should remain. Those barriers constructed in my own profession are the first I’m determined to overcome and contribute thoughtfully to the discussions in areas where others might not allow me to participate.

In those connections, I write hard news, investigative pieces, and narrative long-form nonfiction most effectively in the following areas:

  • Military-industrial complex malfeasance, especially in the national security/private government contracting space where innumerable small contractor or subcontractor firms have proliferated since 2001. Filled largely with military veterans whose primary work is surveillance of other US citizens, the government oversight and constitutionality of these entities is questionable. Yet, they have been given significant black or covert operations budgets and access to potentially dangerous, taxpayer-funded surveillance technology as well as electronic and other weapons to use, in some cases, as they please and with impunity.
  • National security and the deep state activities that violate individual rights and privacy and related issues like data privacy, cybersecurity; government and corporate surveillance as well as whistleblower, racial or religious profiling and targeting individuals as personal or corporate vendettas.
  • Regulations and legal schemes that support the programs created to allow individuals in government and corporations to commit these acts against other citizens including the USA PATRIOT Act, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Targeted Killing of Americans on American soil, National Security Letters and the FISA court.
  • White collar corporate and government financial fraud and crime outside the military-industrial complex, particularly banking and housing program finance fraud that harms groups being marginalized by race or class.
  • Individual and small business white collar crime focusing on tax fraud, consumer fraud, mortgage fraud, deliberate financial mismanagement that leads to bankruptcy as well as financial theft or embezzlement by employees or individuals.
  • Social, political and economic justice and parity issues focusing on people who are being marginalized based on their race, ethnicity or religion, especially if they connect the other niches identified above. That includes costs to their health and finances caused by discrimination, court or public policy decisions that lead to unjust outcomes for them.

I reserve the right to reject any project or assignment at any time for any reason with no explanation. I also reserve the right to pull out of any project that significantly changes scope or morphs into something about which I don’t write or I feel endangers me.

How I Work

Now that you know what I will and won’t write, here’s how I’ll work with those with whom there is a mutual interest in pursuing a project.

A recognized enterprise reporter for national publications, I use my solid investigative journalist instincts, interviewing skills and knack for getting the story editors and readers want to tell the stories that matter today. I couple those skills with my sophisticated understanding of complex financial, economic, public policy and business issues, concepts and strategies:

  • Uncover and tell the untold story, whether about wrongdoing or altruism.
  • Tell a local story from a national perspective, making it relevant and useful to a wider audience.
  • Re-examine and/or reinterpret an issue using original analysis to tell a story from another viewpoint or to debunk mythology and promote understanding among groups or of matters that directly affect your readers’ lives.
  • Provide realistic and factual interpretation of data as well as research, polls or political analysis.
  • I fact check my stories and carefully vet sources and will ask my editors whether someone will work for a story before using them as a source.
  • I can get a story while honor news organization policies as well as stay abreast of the latest media laws to avoid libel, defamation, digital rights violations and other legal missteps.

Whether writing a short or breaking news piece or long-form narrative nonfiction or feature story, I provide readers with the facts and information to draw their own conclusions and/or make informed choices. My goal is to make my articles, posts and think pieces compelling tools for social change or personal protection for readers and their loved ones.

Also, I collaborate well on multimedia projects as a journalist. I can conduct digital interviews for audio use (including planning and scripting them). I will work with other professionals to create the appropriate social sharing strategy as well, understanding enough about digital media law and policy to be helpful rather than an impediment to the process.

Most importantly, and my editors will agree:

  • I work until I’m done and will work with you to achieve the results you want.
  • If I can’t or don’t write something, I say so. If I need help, I ask. No neediness, no big time journalist ego.
  • My goal is to make your often challenging job easier, not make you regret hiring this freelancer.

While I have specific objectives for each piece I write, I strive to meet both the editorial objectives for the publications for which I write and the informational needs of reading audiences. I want what you wantyour readers to be educated, provoked, interested, and loyal.

Getting Started Working Together

After you’ve reviewed this page, please reach out to me if you want to collaborate on a project or have a story or opinion piece you want me to write. I look forward to hearing from you with the appropriate projects for my consideration.

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