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Trigger Warning

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I get that people question the validity of trigger warnings. I did until I read this and overcame my ignorant bias. If you do, read it and come back and read the rest of this page with more sensitivity. If you don’t question their validity and need to understand what you may read here, please keep reading.

Reading Content Here Will Trigger Cognitive Dissonance for Some

Moreover, it might cause or trigger many to be angry, offended, sad, shocked, confused or all those things. If you’ve learned lies about your identity or reality that this blog debunks, you definitely will experience these responses. And, if that’s you, that means you’re alive, thinking and maybe getting (more) #WOKE. For that, doesn’t apologize or accept any liability. The truth is hard but Unbound Truth can be downright painful.

For others reading the content here, it could cause real trauma, especially if you suffer from PTSD or some similar disorder. It may bring back memories of you or your loved ones being harmed. You may recall distant family history where your ancestors harmed others either in some physical way, like enslaving or lynching them. You also may feel grateful you’ve seen the light of truth about the stupidity of race since it’s not based on scientific reality. But, if you think that positive outcome won’t be what you’ll experience here, this site isn’t for you. Read on if you need more information to decide but it’s better to depart as quickly as possible after you understand this site might traumatize you.

What might I expect here?

This is an investigative journalism and hard news blog and political, social, economic and analysis website. It covers highly controversial subjects considered disturbing and polarizing by many people around the globe.

Here, the author, an independent journalist operating under The Free Press Media, LLC, covers issues of race, religion, gender and political and social justice as well as government, business, finance, politics, economics and other controversial subjects. This site’s blog covers the issues you’ve been told not to discuss in mixed company or bring up at the big boss’s events.

If you know you will experience harm of any kind or may feel like harming others by viewing the content on this site, you are strongly advised to leave now and not return. In fact, please leave now. Otherwise, you are fully responsible for your reaction if you stay.

But, to not discuss these issues is to be complicit with the destruction of those harmed by silence. Unbound Truth will not be complicit in that ongoing conspiracy to destroy those already being marginalized by refusing to speak out and say those things others may not say the way you’ll read them here.

Moreover, the fearless, adversarial investigative pieces you may see here, whether the author, Dahna Chandler, writes them specifically for this blog or they are linked from elsewhere, may expose other truths you don’t want to learn.

As such, the content on this site may contain references to racism, genocide, warfare, personal or state violence, catastrophe, tragic event as well as government or corporate malfeasance in your field or profession. This content may be triggering, traumatic, shocking, offensive or otherwise harmful to read or see for some visitors.

What to Do If You Might Feel Triggered

If you feel you will experience triggering of any kind or may feel like harming others after reading or viewing the content on this site, you are strongly advised to leave now and not return. In fact, please DO leave now and block this site in your browser settings only so you can’t return.

By remaining on this site and viewing its content, you agree you understand this warning fully and take all risks associated with viewing this content. You also take all risks for allowing your minor children to view this content. You are fully responsible for your or their reaction to the content here if you remain on this site knowing you may respond poorly.

Further, you absolve the, The New Fourth Estate Media, LLC, its subsidiaries, other entities associated with the entity, its author or their family, associates, assigns, contractors, vendors, and the subjects of content posted here of any liability of any kind now and for eternity for your choice to view any content here.

We also have no liability for the actions of others who may use or share the content on this site to offend, anger or otherwise trigger others OR decide to use what they read here to justify physical or other harm to anyone else.

The policy on this page applies to any content we or others share anywhere else online, including on social media or publish on other sites under “@TheUnboundTruth,” “,” “The New Fourth Estate Media, LLC” or any related name.

(c) 2017. The New Fourth Estate Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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