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Content Disclaimer

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It’s important to know where a website’s responsibility ends and yours or others begins. So, here is a disclaimer related to this site’s content that serves part of that purpose. Please read it carefully. If you’re looking for trigger warnings, read the Trigger Warning page carefully.

You also should review the site’s Privacy Policy, full Terms of Use and Anti-Spam Policy before you continue to use this site. Remember, all these pages are subject to change or expand at any time so come back and reread them when necessary. 


The website (excluding websites linked to it) is owned and operated by New Fourth Estate Media, LLC. This Content Disclaimer applies to the use of the entire and are subject to the full Terms of Use

for this website, which you also should carefully read before continuing to use the site.

By providing yourself access to the website, you agree to this Content Disclaimer. If you do not agree with this Content Disclaimer, New First Estate Media, LLC requests you leave this site now and no longer visit or use this website again.

Content Disclaimer

The content on this site has been composed with the greatest possible care and with the information available at the time the content was created. However, the website is only provided for informational and promotional purposes of services.

New Fourth Estate Media, LLC does not guarantee that the content of the website is the latest available therefore entirely correct, up-to-date and complete or that the website will work interrupted and will be error-free. may contain repurposed, rewritten or legally curated content and when used of in blog posts, that will be indicated in the post.

The views and opinions expressed on are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the owners any content here used to support those opinions. Sharing or linking that content does not mean endorsement of those covered, quoted or written about in posts or their organizations by Dahna Chandler, or New Fourth Estate Media, LLC unless otherwise stated.

Though visitors or readers may feel triggered, no content posted on is intended to malign any religion; racial or ethnic group; club or organization; agency; company; individual, private or public; or country, state or city or its government; or anyone or anything in any way.

Though will share a significant number of opinion posts here, in most cases, those views will be supported by evidence, often significant. Nothing here is meant to be deliberately libelous or defamatory.

Additionally, may use in blog posts pseudonyms of sources or subjects or may not name sources to protect their innocence, privacy and safety. may that provide entirely fictitious or satirical accounts or content about organizations or persons to illustrate the points made in the blog post.

Names, businesses, places, events, and incidents that are changed to protect the innocence, privacy or safety of real people and places that bear any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Any posts using this writing strategy will be identified as such. Any time the blog uses pseudonyms or anonymous sources, will reveal that in the blog post. 

As far as permitted by law, New First Estate Media, LLC excludes any liability for any damage, direct and/or indirect, in any way created by and/or arising from your use of the or another website linked to this website. More particularly, neither New First Estate Media, LLC nor will in any case not be liable for any damage, which is created in any way and/or arises from (i) acts performed by you or others against you, which would have been induced by the content or information placed on the website; (ii) the impossibility to use the website; and (iii) the fact that particular information on any part of the website is incorrect, incomplete or not up-to-date.

All information on this website is subject to apparent typos, web browser, website application and/or programming mistakes. No rights may be derived from any incorrect or incomplete information.

The information posted on this blog and website is provided for informational or promotional purposes only. It is not meant to be construed as or substitute for any legal, financial, accounting or other business or personal advice that should be provided by qualified professionals in those areas. Before taking any action based on the information contained here that could have legal, financial, or any other important consequences, including medical or psychological, consult with qualified professionals who can provide guidance that considers your unique circumstances.

You also are responsible for conducting other due diligence including but not limited to additional research and investigation to determine your ability to rely on the information contained here as it relates to your specific circumstances or those of someone for whom you are legally responsible.

Intellectual Property RightsImages and Text on Site

The website and all its parts, except for particular hyperlinks or images, are the property of New Fourth Estate Media, LLC, its affiliated enterprises or its suppliers. You are not allowed to make the website or parts of it public, to copy or store it without the explicit written consent of New Fourth Estate Media, LLC. This consent is not required for personal, non-commercial use except as it relates to publishing in whole or in part this content on a personal blog or website without permission.

The images on this site are royalty-free, non-exclusive images that are used by permission of the creators. Where necessary or required by them or law, they have been given credit for their work. Where an image credit is not provided, the image was purchased on a commercial stock photo site. It is owned by New Fourth Estate Media, LLC and is being legally used under the terms and conditions of the respective vendor on this site. uses royalty-free stock images on the website that include actual people and places. Please be advised that, especially in cases where the website is using fictional characters, avatars or fictitious illustrations as described above unless otherwise stated, the author does not know any of the individuals and may not know the places in the stock images.

As such, has not used any stock photos found on this site that depict identifiable people or places with any malicious or defamatory intent without prior permission. The site is not, of course, responsible for any images found in links posted on this site.

Full intellectual property rights, disclaimers, and DMCA information are contained in the website’s Terms of Use.

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