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Anti-Spam Policy

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Please don’t send spam.

You’ll find several emails on this site for specific uses. While I understand business owners need to generate revenue, there’s a right way achieve those goals, and spam is not that way. So, here a few rules I expect site visitors to honor.

They’re important to make clear because spam is evil and, like most people, I hate spam and don’t want to add abusive emailers to email blacklisting sites without having this policy on the website. Please, respect my aversion to spam as I do yours in my promise below.

The “Editors” email address on the Contact page is only for use by potential editorial clients seeking writing services. That does not include those inviting me to events to get news coverage for the events. I do not accept such invitations.

The “Journalist Collaborators” email address on the Contact page is only for or journalists wanting to collaborate with me on projects. Please don’t use any other email address because I might misunderstand your email’s purpose or miss it entirely. Please carefully learn and read about my specialty areas before you email about something outside those. Like all investigative journalists and hard news reporters, I don’t cover everything. It’s important to know what I do and don’t cover, so you won’t be disappointed or offended when you learn I don’t share the same story passions. 

There are Two “Tips” emails on the Contact page. The insecure one is for are PR professionals to communicate with me related to expert sources they represent whom they believe could be helpful with my projects. This email address also is for those who have tips they want to share, but they don’t require secure email to contact me.

The second email address, the secure one, is for whistleblowers or anonymous sources who need to send me an end-to-end encrypted email message. Please read the instructions on the page for sending those before you send me an email and have it not be fully encrypted. Also, please note what I cover, because it’s not everything.

For example, I don’t write about social, economic or political justice in areas where I have no direct experience or connections. That includes issues related to the LGBTQ community (though a hard news piece I write may include unjustifiable harm done to someone in that community simply because they’re members, which I find repugnant).

In fact, I reserve the right to decline any opportunity from anyone at any time that I don’t want and to reject it without explanation. Please respect my agency and don’t stalk, spam or troll me for exercising my right to saying “no.” Please visit this page to review more on how to contact her.

There are two additional email addresses on this website. One is at the bottom of the site’s blog posts that visitors only may use to obtain permission to repost or otherwise use this site’s content.

The other is on the Terms of Use page. Visitors only may use these emails for their particular purposes. Both of those emails also are on the Contact page, and visitors should use them only for the purposes identified there.

Moreover, I already have web design and related services providers available to me, and I’m not looking for new designers, SEO consultants or related services providers. So, please do NOT use any of these email addresses to solicit me or sell your services.

Also, don’t use any email address here to recruit me for positions that I have not identified interest in pursuing. That includes any full-time position whatsoever or any that requires relocation from Washington, DC to another location.

To reduce spam, I will report any spam to the FTC as well as to your email providers and spammer blacklists. I also block the email addresses of abusers of my email addresses. won’t spam you either.

If you provide with your email address for any reason, including as a subscriber to the blog (if I offer it since I’ll probably stick with RSS), I won’t add it to any email lists to which you haven’t opted in deliberately. I don’t like it when other people do that to me without my permission so that I won’t do it to you.

Please feel free to review the website’s Privacy Policy to learn more about how I use your email addresses or contact me if you have any questions about this policy. Just don’t spam me.

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