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Will I be an accomplice or an adversary?

During a recent conversation with an acquaintance, she told me she was stressed out about all that is going on in the world. I told her that the only way for me to cope was to return to doing investigative journalism. I have to be part of America’s Fourth Estate in a real way again so I can tell truths about what we see happening in the world.

While I’m pretty fearless having been buffeted in life in some dangerous ways in the last decade, I’d had mixed feelings about the decision. Frankly, this work can be stressful and dangerous in that it makes us journalists targets. Those doing evil in the world want to do it in the dark. Investigative and hard news writers like me expose them to the light. Most people have heard the president declare war on journalists. Adversarial reporters’ unshakable willingness to directly confront and expose him and his lies are the reasons he did that.

I knew then I had an obligation as the price I pay to to share this earth with others, no matter the cost, including being rejected by offended or frightened editors for work, to use my writing gift become an adversary to the adversary.

Besides, I was starting to do well in the other work I do. How would this affect that? Who would be offended by my work? Who would be so affronted by my declaring loudly and publicly that I’m a practicing Christian that they would launch a campaign to punish and silence me, even if just making sure I don’t have opportunities? Was this God’s voice I’m hearing?

Those questions had been swirling in my head since January of this year when I came to the conclusion that I needed to return to this work.

Then, my acquaintance said something very compelling.

“We need you journalists so badly. We need your reporting because I feel it’s the only way to get us closer to the truth. Otherwise, who knows what’s happening in the world?”

I knew then that my staying silent, given the talent I have for investigative journalismI won an award for the very first long-form investigative piece I didmakes me an accomplice to tyranny. I knew then I had an obligation as the price I pay to share this planet with others, no matter the cost, including being rejected by angry or frightened editors for work, to use my writing gift become an adversary to humanity’s opponent.

That’s because I am sure we’re fighting the real enemy of God, the one for whom the term “adversary” was coined, the devil himself.

Silence Doesn’t Guarantee Safety

The rise to the height of American power of the most dynastic plutocracy in the country’s recent history came as a complete shock to many around the globe. Its front man, who Americans call “president,” is a duplicitous white imperialist, racist demagogue. America has enthroned the devil in Trump.

As Trump’s history shows, he reviles most people, seeing them as beneath him or only of value if he can misuse them. He employed the classic tools of capitalist exploitation to divide and conquer the electorate, ensuring assure that he and his cabal of cunning barbarians wrested power from the proletariat, bourgeois and oligarchs.


  1. the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy.
  2. a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.
  3. a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.


Trump himself isn’t an oligarch. He’s a plutocratpart of the wealthy class that rules a country like America regardless of whether they’re in actual power. Born into immense wealth beyond what most oligarchs can ever attain, he’s someone who assumes he is entitled, by his wealth, to power that oligarchs have to form alliances to gain. His only “alliance” is to his family and select friends. Thus, he has formed a “Trumplutocracy” replete with other plutocrats.

In fewer than 100 days, the Trumplutocracy shifted the entire country backward it seems at a rate of nearly a decade a month. This government seems hell bent on implementing a white imperialist global strategy we haven’t seen since the early days of the British monarchy.

But, I decided I had to make a choice about how I’ll respond to this crisis. Will I operate in relative silence, being a Facebook-only fighter but silent elsewhere about what I see? Or, will I return to what I’m uniquely equipped to do, speak out powerfully and publicly?

Will I be silent in the face of this deplorable regime and the structural racism and inequality that undergirds it, harming us all? Or will I use this gift I have to get vocal?

I decided that silence doesn’t mean safety. It could mean deathmaybe not mine but that of many others. I knew would be partially responsible if I didn’t use my talent for communication that gained me entry into an award-winning program at Georgetown University last year to return to this kind of journalism.

Besides, ever the optimist, I believe that, even in this destructive environment where lies are the basis of every policy, there can be renewal, revival, and resurgence through realness. I know this is a place to start getting vocal again. Challenging the adversary by telling the truth is risky. But safety through silence is more dangerous. If David had stayed silent, would we have the David and Goliath story?

That’s the purpose of this blogto slay giants by fighting the adversary as part of God’s army. It also serves to re-introduce me to the investigative journalist community by telling some truths that only my unique perspective as a mixed-race, African American acculturated, cisgender female practicing Christian journalist unbound by any political ideology can.

A Respite from Treachery Fatigue

Let’s face some truth. Since the beginning of human history, people have dealt in treachery to get what they want. The West built its foundations and wealth using treacherous white imperialism to ruthlessly suppress, exploit and maintain the marginalization whoever was easiest to oppress.

America itself is a culture of treachery. From it beginnings, founders practiced genocide and enslavement to build an economy and narrative that drive the lie of American exceptionalism today. If we’re not careful, treachery fatigue, the sense that we’re powerless to stop the powerful and should stay quiet and even submit or it will overwhelm us when we can handle it least.

That’s because treachery operates in the dark, in the shadows before it’s manifest. We often don’t see it coming until it’s upon us. By confronting treachery and exposing it to blinding light so that you can see it in all its hideous detail, this blog will give you not just a respite from treachery fatigue but tools to respond to the treacherous.

After all, these are just other people. They may have different job titles or operate under different rules, but they have no right to rob you of your freedom to increase their power and wealth. Many of my blog posts will cover their fraud, turpitude, and acts of injustice, so they won’t be able to cover it up and stay hidden in the shadows.

The Next Generation Is Counting on Journalists Like Me

No matter how frustrating it is to be still fighting the same battles against other humans who feel they have a right to harm us because of the skin we’re in or our gender or religion or any other aspect of our identity, the struggle has re-intensified.

That means, even having been an integration baby in Boston, who helped fight for that city’s transition from dangerous, racist neighborhoods where blacks and people of color couldn’t go and live to tell about it to more integrated communities, I’m forced to fight the battles again.

Moreover, the now elders that fought in the Civil Rights Movement must be allowed to pass on their torch and know it will be well-handled. Younger fighters need support, too, especially from those who insist on criminalizing them while allowing America’s real domestic terrorists to brutalize and murder us all.

We need to tell the truth about young black activists and their two nemeses: those in the persistent white nationalist movement and the white privileged who don’t see their racism but insist they’re allies. Unfortunately, we find many of those people in law enforcement at all levels and other tools of systematic inequality. Some respond to the outcries of our activists with silence, some with vehement denial and still others with violence. That makes any one of them potentially deadly, and I must speak out against that.

So, it’s time for me to play my role in this battle using my intellectual acuity and strong writer’s voice to defend the defenseless and support other defenders. This blog will be one of my tools for doing that.

Slaying Alternative Facts and Half-Truths

It seems we’ve finally become a post-truth world. It’s been transitioning into one for decades, but now, it seems, anyone who can lies. It’s no longer considered shameful. From high-powered politicians to everyday people, lying and cheating to gratify personal or professional objectives is an acceptable personal ethos.

Despite the #Trumplutocracy’s labeling of journalists “the enemy of the American people,” we are the bulwark between the powerful and the people. It’s a classic tool of plutocrats to open discredit, disparage and even destroy those who challenge their legitimacy and (white) supremacy, especially journalists.

Because I’ve been unbound by any political ideology since 2010 when I rejected political beliefs that lead people to choose a political party, I’m free to think independently. Not only do I outright reject partisanship, but I also eschew false religious ideology for unbound truth.

I didn’t reject Christian faith, however. I committed to being like the real Christ, an activist for social justice and economic parity for everyone, regardless of race and religion, and love for other people. On this blog, I will speak the truth about and to power. I’ll slay half-truth and alternative facts like a real and woke journalist should.

What You Won’t Read Here

While some who want to maintain the systems of violent and destructive oppression that keep them powerful might believe otherwise, I’m not a purveyor of the politics of victimization and marginalization. I don’t do “poor victimized me” as a way of being because I can’t have the victory that way. And, I am victorious in all situations.

Yes, it’s true that I experience regular microaggressions and macroagressions from others. I experience them from others of all backgrounds based on my supposed racial identity, my gender, class, chosen profession, high professional and educational attainment, family history, motherhood status, my faith beliefs and other aspects of my identity, adopted or not.

But, I don’t make that dehumanizing, demeaning behavior perpetrated by other people based on their lies my truth or my identity. I won’t give them or the demons they worship the satisfaction.

Moreover, my discussing race here is not a way to cover being an angry black woman like racists label Michelle Obama when she discusses America’s racism. Indeed, injustice makes me feel angry because, despite what some others believe, I’m human. But that’s not where I live, so I don’t allow people to impose that racist “Sapphire” violent, angry black woman stereotype on me.

Also, I know that some of the content here will make some of you less melanated people get all up in your feelings and start calling me a reverse racist for discussing racism. (That, by the way, is an admission that white people are racist since what doesn’t exist in you can’t be reversed by me.)

I’m not a purveyor of the politics of victimization and marginalization. I don’t do “poor victimized me” as a way of being because I can’t have victory that way. And, I am victorious in all situations.

Discussing racism doesn’t make me racist nor does it mean I hate all white people any more than speaking out against sexism means I hate all men. While I will not twist myself up to make whites comfortable in their racism (since that’s deadly for us), I also refuse to be a victim. I won’t live like a victim who’s experiencing everything as injustice or allowing others to abuse me because of some misconception about me. Just ask those who have tried to make me their scapegoat or use me as their target to practice oppression how I respond to that.

So, you won’t read unsupported rants here that insist you recognize me as a part of a protected victimized class rather than respect my and my loved ones’ humanity regardless of our supposed racial identity. I demand the right to live a well-earned successful life without discrimination not to make oppression a way of life. It is my experience, not my identity.

Having me living 24/7/365 in constant rage is the objective those who would oppress me if I allowed that, but I refuse to give them the satisfaction. 

That doesn’t mean I won’t respond with appropriate vigor or intellectual rigor to those who engage in any of the activity described here. I won’t tolerate reverse bigotry of any type. But, I’m not here to generate pity and the right to always be on the attack. I will not live in offense or hatred toward anyone. My emotional and psychological well-being is too important to me to allow someone to hold that much sway over how I react to foolishness.

What You Will Read Here

Most of my expertise comes from lived experiences in the areas of social, political and economic justice and parity issues. I will write, thoughtfully but with searing honesty, focusing on people who are experiencing marginalizing based on their race, ethnicity or religion.

I also believe other issues that disproportionately harm those of us who occupy bodies that are constant targets for elimination, affect the entire nation so I’ll write about them here, too.

Those include government and financial fraud by individuals and institutions with an objective of protecting readers from getting caught in other people’s snare. I’ll also write about national security and the deep state related to data privacy, cybersecurity, government surveillance, private military contractor fraud and racial or religious profiling and targeting.

As important as sharing ugly truths, this blog will bring encouragement and hope to readers, directly and deliberately.

Even when it’s commentary, I will write nuanced, thoughtful posts that dig into the psyche of oppressors and call them out for the damage they’re doing.

The focus of my work here will be those oppressors and their behavior while advocating for the oppressed. I want to encourage real allies and collaborate with them to dismantle institutional tyranny of all types.

Through my work, I hope we all can continue to do the work necessary to overcome the biased programming done through systems of bigotry that attempt negate and destroy the humanity of those who don’t fit the image proffered by the controlling interests in these systems of institutional oppression.

I will expose those people and help readers understand how these other people, often holding with titles of authority representing the government or corporate entities think, work, and act. The posts here will show you how to #RESIST their doing their jobs in harmful ways.

Power isn’t an entitlement; it’s a privilege but one that others must earn. Among the primary purposes of this blog is to empower the disempowered by confronting those who are misusing their power. We must since they have more power than they deserve if they can’t handle it responsibly and for the genuine benefit of all. 

You Will Find Encouragement, Snark and Humor Here

Many people can’t understand why I don’t allow the evil of the world to consume me; why with all I have happening to me in my personal life, I haven’t given up and given in to depression and hopelessness. I just don’t believe it’s an option and I won’t give the adversary of all God’s creation, satan, the satisfaction. (No, I don’t mean Steve Bannon; I mean the real super demon who got cast out of Heaven in a fireball for trying to dethrone God!)

So, as important as sharing ugly truths, this blog will bring encouragement and hope to readers, directly and deliberately.

I will post specific content designed to do that, and some of it will include the source of my hope, which is my faith. I’m also known as someone who’s quite hilarious, So, I will incorporate humor and snark into some of the more sobering content.

I won’t demean or ridicule but let’s face it, life experiencing plutocratic, autocratic and oligarchic governments is stressful. We can’t allow them to consume and destroy us with their despicable behavior as we resist to restore human governance.

So, come here often. Stay awhile. Read intentionally to think more deeply. Then share the intellectual wealth.

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