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Mixed Fruit, Mixed Race, Mixed Social Experience and Dispossessing Me of My Journalist’s Identity

4 months ago

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Reading Time: 15 minutesIt’s an act of racial repression when others attempt to force-fit my professional identity and ambitions into false constructs about women journalists of color based on what people think they see when looking at me. At the risk of being accused of trying to win a gold medal in the Oppression Olympics, I’m going to…

Was CIA director Pompeo’s anti-Wikileaks tirade a warning Trump is escalating press suppression?

6 months ago

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Reading Time: 18 minutesTrump’s CIA Director’s recent address attacks free speech that leaks secrets and free press that publishes disclosures as a threat to ‘the American way of life.’ What’s really behind Pompeo’s comments?   The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald accurately described the different mainstream media responses between two apparent assaults on press freedoms from Trump and his CIA director,…

Trump’s Transforming America Into a Dystopian Racist Nightmare Is About Attacking Obama’s Legacy

6 months ago

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Reading Time: 11 minutesOnly in office a few hours, surrounded by the key members of the new regime, Trump proved he meant campaign promises to overtly re-impose America’s racist dystopian identity over the country. After all, it was the reason so many whites voted him into office–to make America white supremacist again. From the beginning, Trump’s executive orders…

The Trumplutocracy’s Clouds Descending on DC Reflect America’s Dystopian Racist Identity

6 months ago

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Reading Time: 10 minutesThe change felt instantaneous as I stood at 17th and K Street on a rainy January 19, 2017. I watched with sadness as the hope of America’s racial progression, the Obama administration, departed Washington, DC. As that hope left DC, the Trumplutocracy descended on our city. That day, the DC sky filled with ominous clouds…

Why Justifying Attacks on Christians for Their Faith Identity is Reverse Bigotry

6 months ago

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Reading Time: 9 minutesI’m a woman of strong Christian faith, and that comes with multiple assumptions in a largely secular society. That includes what I mean when I say I’m a “true Christian” and what others accuse me of believing once I define what that means. I’m honest and shameless about my Christian faith, though, so I give the definition…

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